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(The game is best played with a controller, but can be played with a keyboard using the arrow keys to move, Z to attack, X to dodge, C to use abilities, A/D to navigate the combat menu, and enter/esc to confirm or cancel a menu)

Threadbound Cross Starwarriors is a modification of an early version of a game in development called “Threadbound”, an action RPG heavily inspired by Kingdom Hearts 1 in both gameplay and theme. Starwarriors is a webcomic by Scott Fraser about a group of celestial spirits fighting to protect and grant the wishes of all senteint beings in the cosmos.

Take control of Taylor, the wandering leader of the Companions. A group of strong willed individuals from different worlds of different genres that band together to protect and mend the threads of the worlds that connect them all, and achieve the happy endings they were intended to have. Upon exploring a new and seemingly peaceful world, they wish upon a star only to be met in return by Ezmeralda, leader of the Starwarriors. Not knowing who these strange beings are, she cautiously addresses their wishes and offers to fight Taylor in order to strengthen him further for the adventures ahead to find the wish he truly seeks.

While there may only be one fight in this demo, players can expect a series of different modes, difficulties, and weapons to shake up the way you approach the fight!

This demo is made to bring awareness of the current Kickstarter going on for Starwarriors, if you’d like to know more about the comic or secure your own copy, feel free to support the kickstarter and catch up on what you’ve missed!: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/827584872/star-warriors-ezmeraldas-ascensio...

This demo could not be made possible without the creative inspiration of the Starwarriors series, it’d mean a lot to me if you could help fund it in any way you can! It’s currently in it’s last week and it’s 70% funded, with just a bit more it’s sure to rocket to it’s goal just in time ^^
If it gets to 100%, I may just end up updating this demo that lets you play the game from a new but familiar perspective!

(Note: the contents of this demo are not canonical to Threadbound and may not appear in the final game. Threadbound itself may also not begin development for a number of years, but one can expect a game in this engine before then)


TBxSW Setup.exe 48 MB

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