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Kilaflow is an upcoming fast paced 3d platformer inspired by games such as the Sonic Adventure, Super Monkey Ball, and Crash Bandicoot Series. Play as the mascot of a blazing fast (for it's time) antivirus software to clear out corruptions and viruses from various devices around a town.

The latest version of the game is technically the "XmasFlow" build, made for Christmas SAGE 2023. It contains a new tutorial world as well as a revamped version of the first world from the original SAGE demo.

This demo is available on Windows and Linux!

Please note that it this is currently in extremely early development [about 2 months!] and everything in it is subject to change/altered for the sake of the demo. The first 9 levels will probably be different/easier in the full game and are designed to showcase what the full game may be like overall.

This game features numerous byte sized levels per world with a focus on speedrunning and replayability in mind, with environments, aesthetics, and controls similar to games you may have seen in the late 90's and early 2000's.
Walk, Run, Jump, Bounce, and FLOW your way through these colorful stages and strive to get the best time possible as well as saving every corrupted critter to weaken the source of the virus.

The game initially started out as just a small tech demo for testing out Godot 4 and a new control scheme for another game of mine, but has since grown into it's own full fledged game with one main goal: Make a high speed platformer where you CANT just hold forward or let go of the controller!

If you let go of the stick, you stop on a dime! The only momentum you keep is vertical momentum, which can be manipulated by the games FLOW mechanic to achieve greater heights or make it across larger gaps. Instead of gaining horizontal speed overtime, Kila has different "Gears" you can kick into with set speeds you can activate by doing certain actions, usually relating to FLOW. The idea is to give the player full control over how fast they're moving and know exactly where they will land, mixing the speed you'd get from a Sonic game with the precision you'd get from a Crash Bandicoot game.

This game is in it's very early stages and everything is subject to change. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let me know! The first playable demo will be available during the SAGE 2023 event!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, Retro, sage, sage2023, Singleplayer


XmasFlow WINDOWS - 2023 v1.zip 146 MB
XmasFlow LINUX - 2023 v1.zip 143 MB
Windows - KilaFlow SAGE 2023 v1-2.zip 84 MB
Windows v1.1 (OUTDATED) 82 MB
Windows v1.0 (OUTDATED) 82 MB
Linux - KilaFlow SAGE 2023 v1-2.zip 84 MB
Linux - v1.1 (OUTDATED) 82 MB
Linux v 1.0 (OUTDATED) 82 MB

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I saw somebody playing this on a SAGE stream and the character is super cute I'm gonna download it RIGHT NOW


Ty ty! very cute icon btw wow!!

Thank you!!

Also, I just played KilaFlow up through the first unlockable level. It's a pretty challenging game, but it's probably my favorite of everything I've played from SAGE 2023. Kila is a cutie and I'm wishing you the best!


This was a great demo. I loved the graphics the music and the silly end text for when Kila DIES (I mean joins a Union). Nothing but high marks there.

I experienced one sound glitch that occurs whenever I charge in midair, sometimes if I land while charging the charge audio keeps playing even when I’m not charging.

As for the gameplay, I really enjoyed myself after getting acclimated. Learning when to dash or bounce made the core experience of learning really interesting.

However I found I really did not care for the 2.5D perspective. It’s much too close and I don’t have the ability of foresight to continue so it just becomes frustrating to learn. Similarly, ground pound into jump allows for some forward angled air and I’m not entirely sure if it was designed for that? You can skip a lot in the levels with that move, but if it’s intentional then I think it’s fun.

Lastly the flames on orange platforms kind of kills my eyes. Could it be some kind of green or something that’s easier to determine where it is?

I also had some weird issues with depth and enemies as well as bouncing on an enemy but still being hit - hard to explain.


Really glad ya enjoyed it!

-I've been made aware of the sound glitch thankfully so it may be patched out in a later update if not just in the full game or future demos

-The Flow-Bounce is in fact intentional! It's the secret (albiet mandatory in this demo) tech that made me commit to making the game in the first place.
The way it works is essentially: Flow removes your gravity, so if you start gaining vertical momentum and then press flow, you'll get launched way higher since gravity isn't pushing down on Kila

-Ah! thank you for letting me know about the flame thing, I'll try to accomidate for that for accessability's sake. that's a very good catch.

-Depth is one of the things i'm gonna have to really try and figure out for sure yeah. The shadow and shadow redical was made to aid with this a bit but even i myself have found it can still be hard to know where to align yourself fast enough since the shadow requires you to be directly over an object. Will work on that for the full game

-Getting hit by an enemy while in flow is a known bug i unfortunately haven't squashed yet, sorry! I'll be reworking the damage detection system for sure, it's a bit of a mess right now lol

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honestly i didn't know exactly what to expect going into this but i LOVED what i played so far! it was kind of a learning curve figuring out all my movement options at first but when i got the hang of it, boy it feels so good to play especially for an early demo. It felt like the right amount of challenge too, and it was really enjoyable how much time you could shave off going through levels again.

one small thing though on some of the levels- namely 1-4, with the orange requirement it felt a little too tight, and idk if i missed something but i found i just kinda had to teeter on the edges of platforms to avoid the viruses at the start. I also think it should be a little clearer what the requirements mean because it almost didn't click with me that was what i was supposed to do. (edit i didnt see the readme before this my bad on that one but it did say controls)

the soundtrack as well was awesome for what was there, really kept the vibes up when i was going through the levels. Really hope to see more of this game in the future!